Flowers to you

Old postcard from the early last century.
Beautiful hand and so delicate color on the blue flowers.
The text is in Swedish :)) and a greeting from an old friend to another.
Hugs Linnea

Girl with binocular

I wonder what the girl see into her binocular?
Isn´t this a cute picture? It has once upon a time been in an album
from the late 1800 or maybe early 1900.

Feel free to use this image,
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A "very old" girl....?

A "very old" girl....?
These image is about 100 years old and I have made an attempt to do it nice again, but isn´t she cute? Save the image in PNG.

Feel free to use this image,
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A vintage girl

A cute picture of a girl from the late 1800s.
You know that you can visit my blog VintageMadeForYou, and get a vintage background to your Blog?
Welcome to make a visit ......

Flowers in pink

 Save this in PNG

Save these in PNG, to get them transparent.
I think the pink color is so romantic
and fits so well with the flowers.

Feel free to use this image,
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Free Images; Looking for something?

Oops, now it was a long time since I published a picture again.
Here are front and back of the same image. Sometimes the back is just as beautiful as the front side.

Free image; Girl

A little girl.
If you do something fun with the image, why not post a comment?
I'm so curious what happens to my images....
Have a nice day.

Free Vintage Image; Butterfly

I think this is so cute.
And I really like the soft colors.

Free vintage image; Lovely woman

It seems like there's been a while since I published a picture. So here is one. On a woman who I think was an American singer in the 1800's. Someone might know her name?

Have a Very Merry Christmas
from Linnea

Free image; Cat in shoe

A cat in boots, note the tail sticking out of the shoe. I think maybe the cat could see a bit sweeter out. I hope the picture was not an advertisement for shoes.